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With over 13 years of experience and numerous international awards as a wedding photographer, I’ve had the privilege of documenting countless beautiful love stories. Through my journey, I’ve not only honed my skills but also developed a deep passion for helping aspiring photographers learn and grow in this industry. If you’re an aspiring wedding photographer looking to invest in your education and evolve your craft, you’ve come to the right place.

For the past 5 years, i have also had the honor of serving as a judge in various wedding photography competitions. This role has granted me a front-row seat to witness the power of visual storytelling through countless images. I have had the privilege of evaluating thousands of submissions from many talented photographers, each telling their own story through their lens. It’s a task that requires a discerning eye, an appreciation for diverse perspectives, and a profound understanding of what makes an image truly exceptional. I am excited to share the insights and knowledge i have gained from this role and i’m here to help you on your creative journey.



What You’ll Gain:

In this mentorship program, you’ll receive personalized guidance and support, tailored to your unique goals and aspirations as a wedding photographer. We’ll delve into the core aspects of this art:

  • Mastering Photography Techniques: You’ll gain a deep understanding of your camera, from mastering settings to optimizing your use of lenses and lighting.
  • Authentic Storytelling: Learn how to capture real, heartfelt moments and create a compelling visual narrative that tells the unique story of each couple.
  • Posing and Direction: Develop the skills to pose and guide your subjects naturally, making them feel at ease and allowing their personalities to shine through.
  • Editing and Post-Processing: Discover how to enhance your photos through editing while maintaining a distinctive and consistent style.
  • Business and Marketing: We’ll explore the business side of wedding photography, covering pricing, branding, client communication, and marketing strategies.
  • On-the-Day Expertise: Navigate the fast-paced and dynamic atmosphere of wedding days, ensuring you capture the magic of the moment.
  • Building Strong Client Relationships: You’ll learn how to connect with couples, gain their trust, and exceed their expectations, leading to glowing reviews and referrals.
  • Problem-Solving: Be prepared to tackle unexpected challenges that may arise during weddings, from adverse weather to equipment malfunctions.



Our mentorship journey will include online mentoring calls, where we’ll discuss your progress, review your work, and address any questions or challenges you may encounter. This interactive approach ensures that you receive the guidance you need to flourish as a wedding photographer.

Investing in your education is the first step toward success in this creative industry. If you’re ready to embark on this journey, I’m excited to be your guide and mentor. Let’s capture love, create timeless memories, and explore what it means to be a great documentary wedding photographer.

Online Mentoring

– One-on-One Video call – 2 Hours
– Personalized guidance

– Portfolio review
– Q+A Session



Personal Coaching
(Only in Brasov)

– One-on-One In Person session – 4 Hours
– Personalized guidance

– Hands-on experience
– In-depth Portfolio review
– Q+A Session


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