Vlad Solomon Fotograf Nunta

Hi, i’m Vlad! Ever since i was 18 years old i have been carrying a camera with me almost everywhere i go. I always like to be spontaneous, to laugh and i never miss a chance to express my creativity.

I am lucky to be able to do what i love. To travel, to meet new and amazing people, to be a witness to the most beautiful and important moments in their lives, to capture their emotions and to tell their stories through my photographs.


I love nature and photographing outdoors and i always let myself be guided by light to create the most beautiful scenes.



In over 10 years of being a photographer i have defined a reportage style with a unique and relaxed approach. I have received numerous international awards and i am constantly working hard to become more creative and a better version of myself because when you put your heart into your work, the end result will be nothing short of wonderful!





Our memories are those stories that define each and every one of us. They must be treasured in order to withstand the test of time, to be passed down to future generations and to always make us remember them lovingly and with a smile on our face.

My presence is a subtle one, i  always try not to give directions or to interfere with what is happening. This means that you will be as relaxed as possible and the moments i capture are sure to be authentic and natural.

I cherish real emotions and i like capturing love in all its shapes. I believe that the most rewarding photographs are the ones that manage to stir up in people the same feelings they were having in the point in time that they were captured.




Vlad Solomon